After the War: Surviving PTSD and Changing Mental Health Culture

The Invisible Injured book cover

The Invisible Injured: Psychological Trauma in the Canadian Military from the First World War to Afghanistan

Canadian soldiers returning home have always been changed by war and peacekeeping, frequently in harmful but unseen ways. The Invisible Injured explores the Canadian military’s continuous battle with psychological trauma.

Through interviews with veterans and close examination of accounts and records on the First World War, the Second World War, and post-Cold War peacekeeping missions, Adam Montgomery outlines the important links between the military, psychiatrists, politicians, and the Canadian public.

The Invisible Injured is the first book-length history of trauma in the Canadian military over the past century. It is a timely and provocative study that points to past mistakes and outlines new ideas of courage and determination. Since its release in May 2017, the book has received an bestseller tag three times and in February 2018 was nominated for the Canada Prize by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, one of the most prestigious historical prizes in Canada.

After the War

After serving in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide and civil war, Lieutenant Colonel Stéphane Grenier returned to Canada haunted by his experiences. Facing post-traumatic stress disorder and an archaic establishment, he spent ten years confronting–and changing–the military mental health system from within.

Coining the term “Operational Stress Injury” to allow the military to see mental injury in the same light as a physical wound, Grenier founded the Operational Stress Injury Social Support program that provides help for mentally injured soldiers and veterans.

Since retiring from the military in 2012, his groundbreaking approach has been adopted by civilian society. Through his social enterprise Mental Health Innovations, Grenier delivers his direct “walk the talk” method to improve mental well being in government and business.

Since its release After The War has received numerous Amazon bestseller tags and been featured in the Globe and Mail, The Walrus magazine, Quill and Quire magazine, TVO’s “The Agenda” with Steve Paikin, and CTV Your Morning.

After the War

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The Invisible Injured

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“… [The Invisible Injured is] a timely book that provides new insight into the war of the mind. Montgomery has offered a key text for future studies in the field as scholars, medical practitioners, serving military personnel, and veterans come to grips with the invisible wounds suffered in times of war, peacekeeping, peacemaking, and active military operations.”

Tim Cook, author and military historian at the Canadian War Museum, the American Historical Review


About Adam

Adam Montgomery, PhD, is an historian of medicine and Canadian military history whose current research examines the political, social, and cultural meanings of trauma over the past century. His work has been spotlighted in various newspapers and magazines, including Quill and Quire magazine and the Globe and Mail. He has also been interviewed on radio and television about his work, including CBC Radio and CTV News.

His first book, The Invisible Injured, explores how war and peacekeeping trauma affected Canadian soldiers from 1914 to 2014, and is the first book-length history of the subject in Canada to cover such a long timeframe. Using candid interviews with former peacekeepers and Afghanistan War veterans, Adam probes some of the emotional effects of military operations as well as the difficulties soldiers face when reintegrating to civilian society.

Adam’s second book, After the War, co-authored with retired Lieutenant-Colonel Stéphane Grenier, is a biography of Grenier’s United Nations service during the Rwandan Genocide (1994) and his subsequent fight against his own inner demons and an archaic military health system. Montgomery and Grenier’s book investigates how one individual coped with trauma and then used his experiences to change military and civilian approaches to mental illness. It is a story of despair, hope, and resilience.

As well as the aforementioned titles, Adam is also currently working on a book that will examine how Canadian soldiers and families have dealt with loss.


News & Media

After The War is out!

After The War, my co-authored memoire of retired lieutenant-colonel Stéphane Grenier’s peacekeeping experiences in Rwanda and subsequent struggle with mental turmoil, was released in February and has been featured in numerous media outlets. The book outlines Grenier’s growth from the horrific experiences he saw in Rwanda and how he has tried to change the mental health system in Canada through

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Greats News All Around

The past several months have been an exciting whirlwind of activity. First of all, The Invisible Injured has received an bestseller tag three times over the past few months and has more than exceeded all my expectations. It’s been so great to see how many Canadians from all ages and backgrounds are interested in veterans’ issues and the story

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Busy Few Months!

It’s been a busy few months since my last update. Most importantly, my first book, The Invisible Injured, was reviewed in the Globe and Mail alongside John Conrad’s great book, Among the Walking Wounded. The review was very positive and I was thrilled to be featured in Canada’s largest nationally circulated paper! I’ve also been invited to give a talk

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Great Presentation and Book Launch

Had a great time at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Toronto from May 26 to June 1. I also had a chance to speak about The Invisible Injured at the annual gala dinner of the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine during their book launch. My publisher also sold several copies of the book. All

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The Invisible Injured is Out!

The Invisible Injured is officially out! The book represents not just years of hard work, but (I believe) also a good cause. Veterans, especially of the post-Cold War era, are often forgotten about in our daily lives. Whether you agree with the wars or peacekeeping operations they participated in, it is our country’s duty to ensure they are taken care

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