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The past several months have been an exciting whirlwind of activity. First of all, The Invisible Injured has received an bestseller tag three times over the past few months and has more than exceeded all my expectations. It’s been so great to see how many Canadians from all ages and backgrounds are interested in veterans’ issues and the story that the book tells. I think this is so important because veterans’ issues aren’t just about veterans, they’re about how we as Canadians treat other human beings.

I’ve also been busy giving many talks about the book for both academic and public audiences. It’s been a big learning experience for me. I’ve learned two things: First, the size of the audience is no indication of their engagement level. Some of the my smallest audiences have asked over an hour of questions while some of the largest have remained silent. I’ve also learned that almost every Canadian, even those not born here, have a story of how family members’ war service affected their family. It seems everyone has a brother, mother, uncle, sister, or cousin who served somewhere around the world and was changed by their experiences. The story of how war and peacekeeping operations affects soldiers is in many ways the story of humanity’s moral failings and, in a grim sort of way, connects us all. It is so inspiring to see so many people curious about what I write, and if my book informs or helps even a few people then it’s all been worth it!

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